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Hi! I’m Finnick the Destroyer, but you can call me Finnick, Finn, Finnito Bandito or Mom’s Human Infant. I was born June 1, 2017 in Florida. My mom flew all the way from Kentucky to get me after seeing my photos online! She said she wasn’t planning to get a puppy right then, but I was so cute she couldn’t help herself. The TSA agents at the airport nearly lost their minds when they saw me. I took about 30 selfies that day (after they swabbed my paws to make sure I wasn’t a terrorist – true story). I didn’t care much for the plane but I was a very good boy!

I’m very smart and trained myself to use puppy pads from the moment I came home with my mom. Okay, so I’ve had a few accidents on Mom and Dad’s bed, but only when I was still afraid to jump down from high places. I have a LOT of energy and I love playing fetch and begging for uncooked spaghetti noodles. I’ve learned a lot of tricks, but for some reason I haven’t figured out how to get my mom and dad to give me their food…

After a few weeks at home, my mom realized I was going to drive everyone crazy (or get hurt by one of my older siblings, who are not amused by my energy levels) and decided we should look for a friend I could grow up with. I’m SO glad she did – my life has been awesome since Gigi came. She is my very best friend and I love her more than I can express.

I’m Gigi the Brave, AKA Gigi, Queen, Mammy Lamb, or G Funk. I was born May 24, 2017 in Texas. I was adopted by a family in Missouri, but they had to find me a new home due to some challenging life circumstances. My time in Missouri was a bit on the sheltered side, so it was a shock to arrive in Kentucky with a bunch of siblings.

I’ve come out of my shell a lot since my mom came to get me. I have a hilarious bark that doesn’t really even sound like a bark, and I’m not afraid to use it against formidable enemies like trash bags, dust bunnies, and strange noises. I’ll also climb anywhere I can reach and jump down all by myself (because I’m an independent woman who does what she wants). I’m not a fan of the puppy pads like my siblings – I do like to shred them to bits when my people aren’t looking, but I prefer random submissive peeing when I get excited. I don’t think my mom and dad understand how great it is for some reason, though.

I adapt pretty easily to whatever comes my way. I love playing with my siblings, but I also don’t mind hanging out with the other dogs or my human brother or pretty much anyone who pays attention to me. I have to make up for my small size with attitude, and so far my mom says I have zero difficulty in that department!

I’m Nash the Incredible, but I also answer to Nash, Nash Vegas, Plumpkin, or Bite Bite. I was born August 13, 2018 in Texas, and I’m Gigi and Vada’s biological brother (same parents, different litters). My new humans always joked that if Gigi’s parents had a chocolate boy, that would be the only way they’d get another floof. Well, it happened, so now I’m in Kentucky learning to get along with six siblings!

I’m a cuddly little guy who loves to be snuggled when my energy finally runs out. Like my big sister, I get along with everyone, but I won’t hesitate to put an end to a fight or defend myself when necessary. I prefer the simple things in life – naps, chewy bones, squeaky toys, shoelaces, and cardboard boxes are my jam. I’m definitely not a fan of being brushed, which is unfortunate since my mom says my Afro is slowly taking over our house and eventually the world.

My parents say I’m a lab in a Peke body – I’m pretty much happy all the time, unless Finnick is trying to steal my toys. I love everyone here and can’t wait to see what adventures await!

Well hello! I’m Vada the Mighty, but you can call me Vada, Vada Tata, Buggy, or Pig Pig. I was born October 13, 2019 in Texas, and I am Gigi and Nash’s biological sister. My birth mom wasn’t supposed to have any more litters, but I was an “oops” and my humans couldn’t resist the chance to have a potential Gigi clone (though I think I’m way cuter than Gigi is). My parents say I am a “natural disaster” whatever that means!

I have attitude for days and extreme high energy; so much that Finnick, Gigi, and Nash take “shifts” playing with me to try to wear me out! I like to wake up my parents as soon as the sun comes up each morning and I very rarely rest or take naps. I’m usually looking for something to chew, steal, eat, knock over, or otherwise destroy at all times. I love all my siblings, even if the old folks don’t love me back (I think I’m making progress with them, though).

I’ll probably be the last floof for awhile since my parents say my cuteness is the only reason they haven’t strangled me yet. I’m fine with being the baby – that just means I get more attention!

Our Siblings

While the four of us tend to steal the show, we are also blessed with two older sisters! Growing up in a "retirement home" is tough sometimes since the old folks don't like to play with us, but that makes it even better that we have each other!

Bellatrix LaRue

Bella is a Shih Tzu who was born in late 2007 and rescued by our humans when she was 4 months old due to neglect. Bella has never met a stranger (except maybe the FedEx guy) and has surprised us by playing with (and policing) the floofs every day.

Moxie Crimefighter

Moxie is a tiny 3-lb Yorkie who was born in 2011. She was supposed to be Mom's lap dog, but she's not much for being touched or held. She prefers her perch on the couch where she can bark hysterically at birds, passing cars, or leaves falling off the trees.

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